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Ansök om att vare med i Vik-spexet drift!


Apply to be a screenwriter for Viikki-speksi 2025!


Is your head bursting with speksi ideas? Do you want to create a foundation for Viikki-speksi 2025?

Search for script is now open! You can apply to be a screenwriter with or without a group.


To apply, you must have a script idea as well as an action plan for the scripting process. Application is done using the Google Forms form, where you can also find more detailed instructions on how to apply.


If you are wondering about something, you can contact the Recruitment Manager. We as the board are looking forward to script ideas!


Please submit your application no later than 20 May 2024 at 23:59.

Manusteam 2024

Manusteam 2024

Manusteam 2024

Manusteam 2024

Manuscript 2025

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